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International Community Networking Conference and General Meeting of Telecommunities Canada

"Equity on the Internet"

August 19-23, 1995
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC, Canada

Telecommunities Canada is pleased to extend an invitation to Free and Community Networks across Canada and around the world to attend the International Community Networking Conference and the First Annual General Meeting of Telecommunities Canada.

Hosted by the Victoria Free-Net Association in co-operation with the Department of Writing, this milestone event will be held at the University of Victoria from August 19-23, 1995. Since this will also be the first international conference to explicitly encourage the widest possible attendance from Free-Nets, Community Networks, and other forms of electronic community-based services, it is hoped that it will also lead to the founding of an International Telecommunities Organization. Representatives of t he participating national community networking associations such as Telecommunities Canada and the U.S. National Public Telecomputing Network will be able to work with other international bodies and national organizations to encourage the development of community networking around the world.

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